6 reasons to trailrun Lanzarote

6 reasons to trailrun Lanzarote

The Landscape

Imagine running rims of volcanoes. Not only does it sound spectacular – it is spectacular. Lanzarote with its unique landscape is breathtaking, stunning and very dramatic. Not to mention physically challenging in the volcanic terrain. And the light! Oh, and the views. Don’t forget the views.

A Complete Body Workout

Nature’s gym – a challenging but rewarding experience. Yes, you have it all – stairmaster, inspiring workout open twenty-four-seven. And not to forget the spa, also known as the Atlantic Ocean.

Energizing Nature

It’s true what they say. Lanzarote is energizing. Don’t know if it’s the dramatic simplicity in the nature or the light or the combination of it all – earth, wind and fire.

Sarah Eriksson

The Silence

Well, a howling wind is probably the most noise you will hear. A dog barking in the distance, or maybe a baby goat, looking for its mom, along the mountain trails. But other than that the silence and sounds of nature are all you will hear when trotting the trails.

Never Crowded

Yes, there are trails that are more commercial than others. And trails where you meet a crowd here or a crowd there. But most of the time you run with a feeling as if it all belongs to you. That is a WOW experience.

The Weather

Although it can be windy, cloudy, a small rain shower, heat wave or just cold most of the time it’s absolutely perfect. It’s Lanzarote! And you know that nothing lasts forever. So if you’re having a cloudy day you know tomorrow will be clear blue sky with a slight breeze. Lanzarote trails are an all year round activity.

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