Arthur Swims 30,000 Strokes So a Disabled Child Can Own a Cool City Bike

While Rafa Botello was pushing hard in the 2012 London Paralympics marathon, Arthur Goddard was pushing himself onwards in his solo, 30,000 strokes swimming marathon in order to buy a City Kid handbike for Tri WWW, the Lanzarote based charity which strives through sports to assist people with physical or mental disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Swimming overnight between the islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, a distance of some 30km and approximately 30,000 strokes, with every stroke sponsored, Arthur achieved his target of raising enough money for a handbike. Raising over €2000, as a result of Arthur’s swim, one disabled child will own a brand new, cool set of wheels which will not only allow him or her to navigate their home streets in style but will also give them a whole new skill-set and improved quality of life.

When asked how he felt, an overjoyed Arthur told our Sands Beach Active interviewer Alberto, “Absolutely fantastic! Top of the world!
I’d just like to thank everybody from Tri WWW, and this is what it’s all about, getting the cycle. I know we’ve raised enough to get the bicycle and I’d just like to thank you, and Izzy and the guys on the boats, my wife, kids – everybody. It’s been fantastic.”

Everyone here at Sands Beach Resort thinks it’s been fantastic too, Arthur, and we want to thank you for every one of your 30,000 strokes which will ensure a better life for a disabled youngster.