Iron lady Bella Bayliss talks to Sands Beach Active

For the last few months, sixteen times Ironman champion and our very own Tri Activ coach Bella Bayliss swapped sun, sea and sand at Sands Beach for Switzerland to coach. The weather and terrain attached to living up a mountain compared to what is available is Lanzarote must have taken some getting used to but now it’s back to perfect training conditions as Bella is more than settled here in Lanzarote. This isn’t just because she believes that the resort is the perfect place suited to her active lifestyle but is also the perfect place to rewind and relax.

After spending a large part of her life travelling to compete, Bella has become accustomed to being away from England and going without home comforts. One thing from Lanzarote she missed dearly while away in Switzerland, however, was of course the athletes she trains here at the resort. Nevertheless, nothing kept her away and Bella remained in contact with the athletes and enjoyed keeping in the know of how their training and lives were progressing. Having the opportunity to pass on her expertise to others is something that Bella is so honoured and pleased she is able to do. After developing a love for sport from an early age and actually being involved in sport for most of her life, it’s clear she has become quite the expert! Being able to help the kids she trains have a focus in life and take part in something worthwhile is also something she finds joy in.

Just as Bella’s husband, Stephen, who is a four times Ironman champion recovered from a nasty virus, more bad luck came his way. This time at the worst possible timing which was two weeks before Stephen was due to head to the UK to compete in the Challenge Weymouth triathlon. Unfortunately, Stephen suffered damage to the knee after carrying heavy exercise equipment but the plenty of good luck wishes from Bella and everyone at Sands Beach must have worked as Stephen came an impressive third in the competition. Massive well done!

bella stephen

It’s safe to assume that it’s highly likely to be blessed with some athletic skill when the ‘Iron Couple’ are your parents. So what does Bella wish her three year old son, Charlie, to be when he grows up? Just happy please! Bella is more than happy for her son to have a career in whatever he chooses – whether that be in sport or something completely unrelated. If Charlie was to grow up in the world of sport, however, Bella would prefer the sport to be either tennis or golf which means a much less demanding lifestyle than a triathlete’s! Bella is content with the fact that if Charlie were to become a triathlete, it would mean a healthy and fit lifestyle which she clearly advocates. Bella also believes that another positive to being involved in the world of triathlons is that it would bring the possibility of being amongst a selection of wonderful people.

Bella’s immediate plans with Sands Beach are to continue her work with her Tri Activ team and to simply enjoy watching her eighteen kids in the Tri Activ team grow as both athletes and people. It appears Bella and her family is more than happy to remain here for the time being as she believes it is a brilliant place to train which has superb facilities and an excellent support network – what more could you wish for?