BrakeThrough Media – a picture is worth a thousand words

Here at Sands Beach Resort, we have recently been enjoying the presence of BrakeThrough Media. This an American company consisting of photographers who travel the world capturing moments that have the power to stay with us forever.

One of its founders, Jim Fryer, is a big sports fan while Iri Greco is a chef of first category. Together, they make up the perfect team. It is easy to understand the love they have for what they do just by watching them work for a short amount of time.

Among a lot of other photographic disciplines, sport photography such as cycling and triathlon images are always a part of their work. Of course, they all prove to be a visual spectacle.

During their stay, the team has not been able to resist taking out their cameras to capture the beautiful surroundings of Sands Beach Resort. Here is a brief example:

Thanks team, it has been a pleasure to have you at Sands Beach Resort. We hope to see you back here soon!