Combine Sports Training and Comfort at Sands Beach Active

Being a professional sports person or a serious amateur requires levels of dedication, discipline and sheer, unadulterated, hard work that few other professions share. Putting your life on hold when you’re training for events while timings, diet and workouts take over the daily routine can be hard work for friends and family too as they try to work their lives around your strict schedules.

At Sands Beach Active we understand the disciplines involved in sports training, but we also feel that shouldn’t mean you have to give up your creature comforts. Being an athlete isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life, and if you’re going to spend most of your life either maintaining fitness levels, in training or competing, why shouldn’t it be in comfortable and beautiful surroundings?

Imagine a place where you can concentrate on your training with a fully equipped gym, tennis courts and professional sports physiotherapist on site, and then return to the comfort of your accommodation where privacy, space, a powerful hot shower and beautiful surroundings await you. A place where the family can enjoy leisure sports activities like Stand Up Paddle, canoeing, windsurfing and trial dives within barefoot reach of their villa or apartment.

Imagine a place where it never freezes, or snows, or hails; where the default setting all year round is sunshine and blue skies and where the terrain and conditions are perfectly suited to cycling, running, swimming, basketball, surfing, sailing, windsurfing, hang gliding, kite boarding, golf, diving and hiking.

Imagine all of that and take a look at Sands Beach Active – we’ve got it all.