Fernando Alonso and Team Ferrari in Lanzarote

When anyone mentions Ferrari what do you visualise? Sleek, sexy sports cars and Fernando Alonso burning rubber as he screams past the chequered flag in his Formula 1 world beater.

Mention Ferrari F1 training in Lanzarote and you’d be forgiven for imagining Fernando and his fellow drivers tearing through the volcanic landscape in supercharged vehicles… but you’d be completely mistaken.

To prepare for the F1 2012 season, team Ferrari visited Lanzarote in January and took advantage of the climate, the terrain and the island’s first class sporting facilities to boost their stamina and fitness by kayaking, swimming, tennis, football, basketball and running. In fact everything but driving.

The team did actually get to tackle the volcanic landscape on vehicles with tyres but on this occasion it was ones with two wheels and no engines.

Funnily, the most difficult sporting activity for F1 drivers Fernando Alonso, Felipe Masa and Jules Bianchi seemed to be swimming. Luckily there’s no great requirement to be good at the crawl to be able to succesfully drive the world’s fastest cars.

As well as improving fitness, the video shows that Ferrari’s time spent on Lanzarote worked as a team building exercise with the drivers who clearly had a great time on the island, enjoying winter temperatures of over 20c throughout their week.

A comment from Fernando Alonso revealed why Lanzarote offers much more than just excellent training facilities and a year-round sportsperson friendly climate.

“We discovered amazing places here…” he says in the official video.

The great thing is, you don’t have to be one of the most famous F1 drivers on the planet to do the same.

Thanks to Julie from Lanzarote Information for bringing the video of Ferrari’s visit to our attention.