Haria Extreme 2013 – GP Buff Salomon FEDME Spanish Cup

Haria was host to the Haria Extreme on the 15th June for the third year running and once again the Ayuntamiento of Haria with the support of the mayor José Torres Stinga put on a show more than worthy of the second GP Buff Salomon FEDME Spanish Cup which the Haria Extreme is now part of. The winner of the coveted Spanish Cup which sees runners covering a grueling 32km of the volcanic landscape was Luis Alberto Hernando with a record time. Three women were also in contention for the cup with Nuria Domínguez triumphing in first place.

For the second consecutive year Luis Alberto Hernando won the challenging Haria Extreme GP Buff Salomon FEDME Spanish Cup with a record time of 2:34:17. The race was fast from the start, with an intense fight for the podium place between Hernando and Malek Ait Zaid. Finally, Ait Zaid took second place time in a fantastic time of 2:37:16. Third position was taken unexpectedly by Carlos García Exposito.

the Start: Haria Extreme 2013

The following positions were hotly contested with Antonio Roldán, Aritz Egea and Imanol Goñi in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively who against all odds managed to get ahead of some of the favourite names such as David Lopez Castan, Dani Tristany and Ivan Ortiz who had to retire with a foot injury.

In the women’s race there were no certainties with Eva María Maite Moreda Maiora and Nuria Dominguez jostling for position. However Nuria Dominguez won out with a recode time of 3:06:21, snatched from last years champion Oihana Kortazar. The second and third place went to Eva Maria Maite Maiora and Moreda respectively.

The winners of the medium distance (22 km) were Oscar Padron, who finished with a very fast race of 1:47:54, and Carmen Delia Morales, with a time of 2:17.

Juan Carlos – Sands Beach Active

The shorter distance also featured some up and coming stars with Ramón Sanz Navarre who was the first to enter the plaza in Haria completing the 11km run in a record time of 54 minutes, 55 seconds. Sarah Eriksson was the undisputed female winner who flew through the 11 km route.

There were celebrations too for those taking part in the Canraian cup at the Haria Extreme with Yeray Esther Fernández Durán and Esther Fernandez gaining valuable points with time of 2:45:25 and 3:42:24 respectively. Yurena Castrillo and Diana de la Rosa also had a fantastic race.

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The Haria Extreme was a great event which Sands Beach was proud to be part of and we look forward to being part of next years event.