Never Give Up goes live

Sands Beach Active is proud to host the short artistic movie based on the inspirational story of our Danish ambassador, Helle Frederiksen.

Helle Frederiksen

Released today, Helle’s story is one of inspiration and through working with the award winning photography and film director John Hicks, Never Give Up aims to promote a very powerful life message capable of reaching out to so many.

In 2007 after suffering a discus prolapse at the age of 26, Helle was told to give up. Missing out on selection to the Beijing Olympics and having to complete a large part of her master degree bed bound, Helle’s decision was not to give up. Helle stood by her own self-belief; gained comfort from those that believed in her and pursued her own path to success.
The path and direction in life that Helle has chosen, now sees her recognised as a London 2012 Olympian, multiple international race winner and highly educated Human Nutritional specialist. Helle’s path and direction in life, is a path and direction that she loves. Sands Beach Active are very proud to be a part of it.

Helle recently spoke to Sands Beach Active about her outlook on life. “There have been many setbacks, critics and challenges in my life, yet belief in myself and from those around me has brought me to where I am today. I am very happy that Sands Beach Active can be a part of my journey. I think a large part of the message within Never Give Up can also be used as a reflection of the Sands Beach Resort. Forever hard working, innovative and determined to succeed on their path in business.”

Helle’s recent race winning performance at her Ironman 70.3 debut in San Juan, Puerto Rico is a perfect example that she is amongst the very best in the world.
“Life will always present setbacks, there will always be critics and we all face challenges every day. Yet it is through self-belief, an understanding of our strengths and a determination to succeed that success always becomes possible. I really am thankful that John has recognised my approach and portrayed it so well in this new short film.”
Shot purely on the island of Lanzarote with all underwater footage being shot at the competition pool at Plaza Verde, Sands Beach Resort. We are proud to have had the opportunity to support such a production.

The film will be displayed throughout the resorts television system and will be hosted on the Sands Beach Active YouTube channel. Helle is likely to return to the Sands Beach Resort at some point throughout the summer and you can expect events and training camps to be run by Helle this coming winter on Sands Beach.

View here all photos from the video shoot with Helle Frederiksen!