Interview with Saleta Castro at Sands Beach

Sands Beach Youth Ambassador, Saleta Castro, is a Spanish long distance triathlon champion. She happily agreed to an interview with Sands Active and answered the questions with her characteristic smile.

What is your next challenge?

My next challenge is the Cozumel IronMan. There is a lot of competition in this IronMan. The truth is this IronMan has a high level of experienced competitors; there are thirty women professionals entered. There are only a few IronMan tritathlons with entries like this.

How many events have you attended in one year?

I have done three IronMan triathlons, two half distances, and two Olympic distances. After Cozmel I will have done four IronMan triathlons.

Which did you enjoy the most?

Undoubtedly I enjoyed Lanzarote Ironman the most as it was like running at home in a family atmosphere and I felt much support. It is still and IronMan in Spain so I feel at home and I do most of my training here.

How many hours a week do you train?

To prepare for an IronMan I train for 30 hours a week.

When do you feel stronger: swimming, biking or running?

I feel equally strong in all three disciplines however lately I have felt more confident in the run, especially at IronMan distance.

What do you think you could do better?

I could improve on the bike maybe. I have noticed that I need more kilometres in my legs to achieve the same rate as veterans.

What is your diet like as a triathlete?

I have five meals a day. I do not follow a strict diet but it is important to eat a variety of food. I do not deprive myself if the food is healthy.

What do you like about Sands Beach?

I like many things at Sands Beach, especially having the pool three metres from my apartment ready for training. The pool is always available. At other hotels I sometimes have to wait in the queue. The deal at the hotel is also good and the staff always make me feel at home from the beginning until the end of my stay.

What would you recommend about the island to someone on their first visit?

As an athlete, it is mandatory to bring a bike. Seeing the island by bike allows you to see so much of the island and in a way that is not possible by car.

What do you miss being away from home?

I miss the cafeteria where I buy a snack from in the afternoon. It becomes our meeting point. Here I am lucky enough to be able to replace that with the Mai Tai at Sands Beach where they make a very good cappuccino.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out in triathlon?

I would recommend to anyone starting out in triathlon to train slowly. Start participation in short distances. Then if they are confident they can try Olympic distances and then half IronMan’s before reaching the goal of an IronMan.

Sands Beach Active sends all their love to Castro Saleta at Cozumel, your next IronMan and successive tests. No doubt you will be successful.

Here is a video of Saleta training at Sands Beach and the surrounding area: