Interview with Triathletes Emma-Kate Lidbury and Rachel Joyce

In easy flying distance of the UK, year round sunshine, golden beaches, good restaurants and a lively nightlife, Lanzarote has long been known as the ideal winter holiday destination.

But increasingly, it isn’t just holiday makers who are enjoying the delights of this Canary Island. More and more professional athletes are choosing Lanzarote as their warm weather training destination, and for many of the same reasons that have made it such a popular holiday island.

Athletics training requires discipline and routine and any athlete will attest to the fact that time management is an essential part of your required skill set. For a Triathlete, you can multiply those demands by three. Building your performance in each of your disciplines, maintaining aerobic fitness and endurance and ensuring essential rest and recovery time makes for a demanding schedule.

In the UK winter months, short daylight hours and sub-zero temperatures can severely restrict an athlete’s training schedule. Throw into the mix time spent travelling from track to pool to gym and your time management takes a hefty blow to its performance.

Cut to the beautiful Lanzarote hotel of Sands Beach where daylight arrives at 6.30am and stays for 12 hours or more; where the daytime temperatures hover around the 68 -70º F plus mark; where a fully equipped gym, on and off-road bike routes, running trails, flat terrain, hill climbs and of course the beautiful Atlantic Ocean all lie within easy stride of your luxury accommodation and you’ve found the consummate warm weather training base. Which is exactly what triathletes Emma-Kate Lidbury and Rachel Joyce discovered when they chose Sands Beach as their hotel.

Sands Beach caught up with Emma and Rachel and asked them about the highs and lows of their triathlete careers to date, and their plans for 2011.