Interview with World Kite Boarding Champ Guilly Brandao

Sands Beach Active recently caught up with World Kite Boarding Wave Champion Guilly Brandao to talk to him about his 3rd World Title Crown and what his plans are for 2011. Here’s what he had to say:

SB Active: First off, congrats on your 3rd World Champ Title. How does this year’s title compare with previous years?

GB: This year was really special for me, the final stop of the tour was in Australia and I lived there for 3 years back in 2000, when I still wasn’t quite sure what to do about life…and soon after that I found kitesurfing and became a pro. So to go back there after 10 years to be crowned the world champ was kind of coming full circle.

SB Active: And what are you up to these days?

GB: Right now I’m in Hawaii for the winter season, awesome waves and good winds..!

SB Active: Tell me about this KSP Dream Tour I’ve been hearing about?

GB: The KSP will be a Waveriding tour with the aim to make the stops on the best locations as possible, with the best media coverage and the best riders.

SB Active: So I guess we’re going to be seeing you again real soon at Sands Beach for the clinic you are hosting. What do you look forward to most about getting back to the Canaries?

GB: Yeah I love the Canary Islands….every time I go there its super fun, lots of wind all the time, really beautiful scenery wherever you look and a lot of nice people to be around…and of course Sands Beach!

SB Active: Well thanks for your time and the best of luck on the upcoming season and hopefully your 6th World Champ title in as many years. See you in Lanzarote!

Guilly will be arriving in Lanzarote just in time for the PKRA Lanzarote World Tour Pro, which is being hosted by Sands Beach Active and La Santa Surf from the 6th -10th of April 2011. Make sure and come on down to take in the action and see some of the world’s best kite surfers from around the globe compete for the top prize of 15.000€.