Ivan Ortiz and Silvia Millares winners of the fourth edition Haría Extreme.

Ivan Ortiz, of the Andalusian team, and Silvia Millares, of Valencian, picked up the championship title in the 2014 Mode Cup Haria Extreme.

  • Haria Extreme success 2014

Haria Extreme is regarded as one of the most prestigious trail events on the trail running national calendar. And it’s no wonder, as it once again exceeded its expectations from the original test event. The hard work of the organisers made ​​the Saturday morning an unforgettable journey. And so it was, with almost 1000 runners participating in the Haria Extreme race.

The spectators gathered in key areas of the route, which created an indescribable atmosphere or support and team work.

  • Ivan Ortiz and Silvia Millares, winners of the Cup race

Although the race gathered the majority of attention, the race also doubled up as a point’s collection race in the Canary Mountains, where the Racing Online Grand Prix Buff Salomon Spanish Cup Champions would be decided.

Finally in the men’s race was Ivan Ortiz (Andalusian section) the winner of the race by completing 32km in 2:37:38. Followed closely by Toni Roldan (Balearic section) 2:39:10. In bronze position was Luis Calvo (Galician section) 02:40.46

For the women, it was Silvia who was broke the tape first, completing the course in 3:16:01. She was followed by Eva Maria Moreda (Balearic section) in 3:18:50 and in a time just over five minutes behind 3:23:53 was Yaiza Herrera.

Thus, taking into consideration the points scored on the day, the champions of the Spain Online Racing Gran Prix Buff Salomon Cup were decided for 2014;

Male Podium:

  1. Iván Ortiz (364 points)

  2. Toni Roldán (328 points)

  3. Alfredo Gil (308 points)

Female Podium:

  1. Maite Maiora (388 points)

  2. Eva María Moreda (334 points)

  3. Silvia Millares (300 points)


  •  Sands Beach Active partner of Haría Extreme.

From us at Sands Beach Active, we were proud to be partnering with an event of this size, which in just 4 editions, has achieved great national and international coverage and involvement. Finally, congratulate Ivan and Silvia, you have been awarded a bonus of 7 nights for two at Sands Beach Resort. See you soon!