Loving the Lava, Lavatrail 2012 in Lanzarote

It’s that time of year again; when athletes go head to head with Lanzarote’s visually stunning and physically challenging volcanic terrain. Lavatrail 2012 is almost upon us.

This year’s Lavatrail involves four testing categories Ultramarathon, Mediomarathon, Marathon and Starter, opening Lanzarote’s countryside up to runners of all levels.

The ultimate Lavatrail course is the Ultramarathon covering 83.5 kilometres in length and an accumulated ascent of 2793 metres. This is the race for marathon titans with an end to end tour of Lanzarote that crosses lava fields, sandy beaches and pumice strewn paths. The Ultramarathon starts from Playa de la Garrita at 2am on the morning of Saturday of 31st March ending approximately eight and a half hours later when the triumphant victor crosses the finishing line in Playa Blanca.

For those on the next rung down on the superhuman ladder, the Marathon covers 41 kilometres and ascends 1953 metres through mountainous terrain and lava and jablé fields. The Marathon starts at 8am on 31st March.

Although covering less of a distance, the Mediomarathon at 27 kilometres in length and a climb of 805 metres is still a serious test of stamina and fitness. The Mediomarathon starts at 9.30am.

The final category, the Starter, covers 13 kilometres and a climb of 690 metres. It’s no stroll in the park but it’s an excellent for a strenuous work out whilst soaking up the best of Lanzarote’s beautiful countryside. The Starter race fires off at 11am.

Inscriptions are currently being taken for all categories with the closing date for registering for Lavatrail 2012 being 17th March. Anyone interested in taking part in one of the most popular events of the running calender on Lanzarote can find out more and register here (in Spanish only).


The top three runners in each event will receive a trophy plus there will be a cash prize of €300 to the winner of the Ultramarathon and €150 to the winner of the Marathon.
But the truth is, with a unique event like Lanzarote’s Lavatrail 2012, everyone who takes part is a winner.