Meet Gareth at Calipso Diving

On the beautiful coast of Costa Teguise lies the placid bay of Playa Jablillo where the sight of men clad in black rubber is common and where the colourful fish form a wall to quote Gareth. For anyone who has never tried diving before, it’s the ideal environment in which to lose your dive virginity and experience the sensational world that lies beneath the waves.

But before you take your lungs to a place they don’t naturally respond well to being in, it’s important to know that you’re going to be in safe hands. So Sands Beach Resort decided to catch up with the expert team at our partners in Calipso Diving and find out who are the men behind the masks.

I have no idea how many dives I’ve done a lot! Gareth laughs as he declines to make any kind of guesstimate of how many times he’s hoisted his air supply onto his back and slipped beneath the surface of the water. When you’ve been diving as long as Gareth, time spent undersea is incalculable.

As he checks out if we have any medical conditions that may affect our ability to dive and asks us to complete a self medical certification form, we ask Gareth about his diving career to date.
I was Ships Diver for the Royal Navy, he tells us. I came out of the navy in 1997 and qualified as an instructor in 1999. I’ve been training people in diving ever since.
Originally from Barmouth in Wales, Gareth is both BSAC and PADI accredited and is currently working towards his qualification to train diving instructors.

After our safety video, Gareth spends time going over the essentials of safety with us. His style is easy, confident and very funny which means that we easily take on board vital lessons we need to learn before he lets us anywhere near water. Once we’re suited and booted we head out to Playa Jablillo where Gareth takes us through our paces in the shallows at the edge of the bay until he’s confident that we’re ready. Then we’re off to deeper waters to discover new worlds under the watchful eye of our expert guide.

Now in his twelfth year on Lanzarote, we ask Gareth what it is about the island that keeps him diving here. With the warm water temperature and generally excellent visibility, Lanzarote’s a great place to dive all year… and it’s affordable,” he tells us. We couldn’t agree more 🙂

Sands Beach Resort will be happy to arrange your dive with Calipso Diving.