Nilox: Video technology to video your sports

We all like to remember the good times. The sports world is full of unforgettable experiences that we try to burn into our memory, or in your Nilox Camera.


With the Nilox F-60 camera, your perspective and your memories will be in full HD at 60 frames per second. Enjoy your 175 º wide angle lens. If you want to take pictures, Nilox gives you 16 mega pixels at your disposal. This great camera is waterproof to 60 meters, and has a digital zoom, slow motion, and the possibility of 10 photos per second, and it connects to a microphone. If you want to record from anywhere you can use the remote control and playback through the LCD screen. It has a slot for micro SD cards, so you have the memory capacity that best suits your needs or requirements.

You can find the Nilox Camera in the sports shop at Sands Beach Resort priced at 295€. If on the other hand you want to rent the camera then they are also at your disposal for 10€ per day or 50€ a week. Memory cards are also available: 2GB 8€; 4GB – €10; 8GB – €20; 16GB – 30€.