Pro.TrainingTours returns to Lanzarote to celebrate its campus of swimming

The winter begins. Now that December has arrived, the rest of Europe is feeling the cold but the sun continues to shine here in Lanzarote.

Many triathletes are beginning a new season during this time of the year and from the very start, it is important to work on swimming techniques. Under these winter conditions, many people decide to take themselves away from the cold and come to Lanzarote to work hard in the first discipline. This is the case with Pro.TrainingTours.

They arrived at Sands Beach Resort from Germany on the 5th of December and since then there has been non-stop training in our swimming pool. Their coach, Michael Vogt, believes that after a season of rest, is very important to recapture the feeling of the water and correct any technical errors. According to him, this is essential for a good start to the season.

Welcome Pro. TrainingTours, we hope that all of your efforts results in a lot of success.