Sands Beach Active takes the Lanzarote International Marathon to the Heidelbergman Triathlon

Earlier this month Sands Beach Active took a team to the 2013 Heidelbergman Triathlon and came in a proud 7th place.

As well as taking part in the triathlon, the team was there to promote the Lanzarote International Marathon and to offer a prize of a week’s stay for two lucky people at Sands Beach Resort including registration for the marathon.

The Heidelbergman Triathlon is a 1.6km swim, followed by a 35km bike and a 10km run.

The swim takes place in the Neckar River. The challenging bike route includes steep climbs and descents as well as cobbled roads whilst the run follows the forest and provides beautiful views of Heidelberg. From Sands Beach Active Maria Cabrera Hernández took on the swim and handed over to Ladi Demko on the bike with Alberto Lorrio Romera completing the run to finish in 7th place in 2 hours 40 minutes.

The Heidelbergman Triathlon proved an excellent opportunity for the team from Sands beach Active to promote the Lanzartote International Marathon which takes place on the 8th December 2013. Those who visited the marathon stand were able to take part in the competition to win a one week stay at Sands Beach Resort and free marathon entry. The two lucky winners were presented with their prize on the day.

Sands Beach Active would like to say another well done to their team and say thank you to Peter Verclas and the Heidelbergman Triathlon for their warm welcome, great race organization, hospitality, and congratulations on producing a great race day.