Spanish Championship Kitesurfing at Famara Beach, Lanzarote

Last weekend saw the culmination of the Spanish National Chapionship Kitesurfing competition which had been staged all week, from 9th to 14th July, at the windswept paradise beach of Famara in Teguise, Lanzarote.

Powered by steady 30 knot summer trade winds and riding on waves of up to two metres, the riders put on some dazzling freestyle tricks and top speeds to wow fellow competitors and spectators alike.

As co-sponsors of the event, Sands Beach Resort was there to supply a friendly meeting place and somewhere to escape the wind and enjoy a long, cool drink in our chiringuito on the beach. It proved a very popular venue, particularly when the mojitos and daiquiris came out.

Abel Lago and Soledad Naharro


Meanwhile, back on the ocean waves, Abel Lago (pictured above right, with Soledad Naharro, Sales & Marketing Executive, Sands Beach Resort) and Almudena Naranjo were busy fending off the competition to hang onto their Champions titles for another year. Hot on their heels were Juan Pablo Padillo in second place and our own ‘conejo‘, Guillermo Jimenez while Almudena was looking over her shoulder at Alma Suarez in second place and Julia Castro in third. It was a brilliant week with La Santa Surf‘s organisation, the beauty of the location and the perfect conditions all playing their part in making it a very memorable event.

On Saturday night at the awards ceremony and close-out party hosted by Sands Beach Resort, Abel told us:
“Famara Beach is one of the best places I have sailed in, and I have sailed in such a lot of places.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in organising and sponsoring the event, to the winners Abel and Almudena; to the runners-up Juan, Guillermo, Alma and Julia and to Teguise Tourism for their unswerving support in helping Lanzarote to build its international sporting reputation.

Famara Beach and Lanzarote – a kitesurfers’ paradise.

Top image from Teguise Town Hall