2nd Edotion of the charity Cochinilla Trail run at Charco del Palo

On the 19th October, Charco del Palo in the North of Lanzarote was host to the 2nd edition of the Cochinilla Trail, a run which raises awareness for breast cancer as well as collecting food for struggling families in the area.

The 10km run started at five in the afternoon with 400 competitors on the start line. The event was preceded with music and a zumba warm up. The Lanzarote International Marathon also had a stand and made a donation to the cause.

Local Olympic marathon runner José Carlos Hernández supported the race from the start line, firing the starting pistol signalling the 250 men and 150 women to begin the race which was for such good causes.

The winner of the race was Evaristo Almeida, who was on holiday from Las Palmas. He thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and he felt fortunate to have been able to take part in such an important event. He hopes to return for the 3rd edition.  The winning female was Aroa Merino.

The Cochinilla Trail, I Carrera Solidaria Mala 2012

The I Carrera Solidaria Cochinilla Trail in Mala on Sunday (23rd September) is much more than a sporting event through Lanzarote’s unique landscapes; it’s an act of solidarity in difficult times where the effort of all those involved could help make life just that little bit easier for the less fortunate members of society.

The race involves two distances; 6 kilometres and 12 kilometres and three different challenges designed to raise money for various excellent causes.

The first will raise money for social causes. The second, the Mala-Solidaria, as well as raising funds also serves to raise awareness that Sunday is also the International Day Against the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Women. This race is where the cochineal comes in. The colour of the dye from cochineal is similar to the purple/violet that is used to symbolise women’s continual fight worldwide for independence and liberty.

The third challenge, the III Desafío Solidario involves Aroa Merino, winner of the 2012 Gran Canaria Marathon (female category) and members of Lanzarote’s security services competing to raise money for Tri W.W.W.; the charity whose aim is enabling the practice of sports amongst people with physical or mental disabilities.

In the run up to the race, individuals and businesses, including ourselves at Sands Beach Resort, have been busy collecting various food products that will be distributed amongst local families in need of support and kindness. As well as the sporting events, there will be a presentation about the importance of solidarity in the community.

Setting the athletes on their way at 10.00am will be marathon runner José Carlos Hernández, recently returned from competing in the London Olympics.

The wonderful combination of sport and social solidarity makes the Cochinilla Trail a special race that deserves our support. It promises to be an emotional and exciting day that should also be a lot of fun.

To learn more about how you can add your solidarity to this admirable sporting event check out the race website here.