Top UK Cyclist Plans Training in Lanzarote.

One of Britain’s most successful cyclists is finally slowing his pedals down and has accepted a post in management of the British Motorpoint Team for 2011.

Sheffield cycling legend Malcolm Elliott gained 31 professional wins between 1987 and 1995 and remains one of only two British riders to stand on the podium of a Grand Tour having won the green jersey and points competition at the 1988 Tour of Spain.
Now aged 49 years and still racing, Elliott had a practice run at retirement back in 1997 when he stepped down from professional racing. But six years later he was back and managed to notch up more wins including the Havant International GP, stages in the FBD Insurance Rás, the National Elite Circuit Series and the UCI masters road world championships.

In an interview on the Motorpoint Team website, Elliott said he had always intended looking at a management role when his riding career finally came to an end but when the opportunity to work with the British Motorpoint Team came up, the Sheffield Express launched himself at it with his usual head of steam.

Before the ink was dry on the offer, Elliott was already planning training sessions and naturally looked towards the eternal sunshine of Lanzarote to kick off the December camps.

“When you are a rider you have a very narrow focus. You are thinking solely about yourself. Now that I am managing the team I won’t be anything like as narrowly focused. I’ll still be as determined as I have always been just in a different way.”
My plan had been to get into management but not necessarily this soon. But when it came up, I decided to step up and take the role. It’s only been a few days but already it feels quite natural. There is a lot to learn but I’ve had an extremely good mentor in Keith Lambert and if I can emulate his success then I will be extremely happy.”

One thing’s for sure, he’ll be happy with the cycling weather and conditions that he’ll find on Lanzarote they’re perfect for winter training with warm, sunny days and an almost complete absence of rainfall.
Now’s the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful cycling terrain of Lanzarote; the summer heat is cooling, days are warm, dry and sunny and Sands Beach are offering free bonus days with their cycle hire.
You never know, you might just catch a glimpse of the Sheffield Express as he whizzes past you in a blur.