The Third Lanzarote Wine Run 2011

The Lanzarote Wine Run is a 21.1 kilometre cross country race with a bit of a difference. Not only do the winners receive the equivalent of their own weight in the best Lanzarote wines as a prize, runners are offered the opportunity to sample the island’s wines along the route.

It’s quite a bizarre aspect to a race and we’re not sure how many athletes actually take the opportunity to sample Malvasias, Diegos and Moscatels as they race through Lanzarote‘s countryside, but it does add a fun element to the proceedings.

The route begins at the Los Dolores Church in Mancha Blanca at 10 am on 19th June and follows a trail through the incredible volcanic vineyards of La Geria where the unique landscape is pockmarked by rows of circular picón pits in which the grapes are grown. As is the norm, there will be plenty of water and, in this particular event, wine sampling stations throughout the length of the course. Not so much a case of wining and dining, but wining and winning.

The Lanzarote Wine Run 2011 also includes a 10 kilometre hike through the La Geria region. It’s probably the more suitable option for those whose interests veer more towards wine tasting than running across a challenging volcanic landscape.

Anyone interested in entering the Lanzarote Wine Run should register before 10th June.