Total Immersion Swimming Camp in Sands Beach Resort

Las week the Team of Total Immersion Swimming Spain travelled to Lanzarote to coach an Open Water Camp.

We were lucky to do it in Sands Beach Resort, a perfect place to train, as it is shown by the presence of elite athletes such as Marieke Vervoort, Sven Decaesstecker, and Stephen and Bella Bayliss. Moreover, their unparalleled facilities allow the combination of the sports practice with your family holiday.

The attendees of the Camp, most of them English, improved amazingly their swimming thanks to our underwater video recording and the technique drills in pool, improving their speed and reducing their effort level. They also learnt and developed the required skills to swim with safety and confidence in open water by means our theory sessions as well as by the sea swimming sessions.

From Total Immersion Swimming España we want to help you to enjoy more of the swimming in open water both if you are a beginner or if you compete in swimmings and triathlons, and all that in reduced groups of maximum 6 swimmers per Coach.

Furthermore, your experience will be enriched by the facilities and activities of Sans Beach Resort and by visiting the landscapes of great natural and ecologic value in this island, most know as the “Island of the Volcanoes”.

We hope to see you soon!

For further information about our camps, please, visit our website or contact us in / +34 630 059 153.

Joseba Cercas
TI Head Coach España
+34 630 059 153