Triathlete Mareen Hufe at Sands Beach Resort

Mareen Hufe

Sands Beach Resort has had the good fortune to spend a day training with Mareen Hufe, German triathlete who has trained in Lanzarote since 2007 and comes to stay at Sands Beach Resort.

Plaza Verde @ Sands Beach Resort Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island that challenges everyone, something that Mareen found out in her first year here being “new on the bike and on the island until she was afraid of falling with the wind”. However, Mareen likes Lanzarote because you have everything you need. “This is an island where there is not much traffic; you can have easy cycling as well as complicated hill climbs.”

Bike riding near Orzola Lanzarote

Mareen finds Lanzarote un-crowded and quiet. She is visiting for three weeks to train for the Ironman Kona 2013 in Hawaii. Mareen appreciates staying at Sands Beach Resort: “Here I have everything I need, time has been good and I have the pool next to the apartment. Every year I try to improve my times on the previous year but I also appreciate to relax.”

Running just outside Orzola Lanzarote

When asked about her training sessions Mareen said: “In swimming I like to see the times I do. I hope to do a marathon faster, and it is true that there are many good athletes that will compete well and are strong, but that does not depend on me.” Mareen also said that Lanzarote is a great place to train because the geography is similar to Hawaii, which makes it one of the best places to prepare. Furthermore, Mareen loves Spain as gastronomic country: “I like to eat healthily, nothing like pizza or chips. I need to prepare the body for a good workout, salads and vegetables are essential but I appreciate being able to eat a ham and cheese baguette.”


From everyone @ Sands Beach Resort Mareen we wish you all the luck in the world at Ironman Hawaii.