Uplace and Sands Beach Resort hand in hand again

Many things have changed for the Uplace-BMC triathlon team in 2014. There are a large number of new athletes making the team more international, the potential of a winner, and new colours for the team. What they have not wanted to change however is the confidence they have in Sands Beach Resort as a training base in Lanzarote.

This year has seen seven new team members join Uplace whilst three remain the same. The team consists of: Corinne Abraham, Bart Aernouts, Liz Blatchford, Dirk Bockel, Will Clarke, Helle Frederiksen, Sofie Goos, Romain Guillaume, Ronnie Schildknecht, Axel Zeebroek .

In 2014, the team wants to use our sports complex at Sands Beach Resortfor a year of training sessions as this island has a similar topography to Hawaii and has an unparalleled climate to Europe. In Sands Beach they are able to use its facilities which include the 25m pool and gym as well as the wellness area for proper recovery after every sports session.

Text courtesy of BrakeThrough Media

Sands Beach Resort is proud to be a partner and to collaborate for another year with this team. We wish you all the luck and a lot of sporting success.

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