XV Delta Wing Canaries Open Hang Gliding Competition

Anyone who plans to be in Lanzarote in the first week of December may find more than just sun in those brilliant blue skies as the participants in the Canaries XV Delta Wing Open gliding competition take to the skies in the hopes of soaring to success.

Sands Beach Resort are proud to be amongst the sponsors of this year’s competition final which will see pilots hanging in their cradles beneath their gliders like static-winged butterflies floating across Lanzarote’s extraordinary landscape. Each pilot will be competing to pick up a trophy and title in the Canaries Open and the Canary Islands Champion 2011 competitions which are being held in parallel over the 4th to the 10th December 2011.

Delta Wing gliders are so called after the shape of the wings which mirrors the Greek letter ‘delta’. Pilots are suspended beneath the hang glider in a cradle supported by an aluminium frame and usually they adopt a prone position to ride the updraughts and steer by pendulum movements which shift the centre of gravity.

Flying High in Lanzarote
Located within a sub-tropical high pressure belt and experiencing near-constant trade winds, Lanzarote is an ideal island for the use of hang gliders. Throw into the mix its semi-desert lack of rainfall which averages little over 200mm annually and a topography that means there are take off points on the island for just about any wind direction and you’ve got the perfect conditions for competition flying.

Access to taking off points is easy, take off will be on foot and the island is small enough that if your wind direction changes you can locate a fresh head wind within 20 minutes. All of which adds up to the prospect of an exciting competition for both pilots and spectators.

Entry to the XV Canaries Open
The International Canaries Open 2011 Championship is open to all pilots with the appropriate rating and federal license in force and you can register online here. The registration fee is 30€ for Canaries pilots and 60€ for everyone else. Trophies will be awarded to the winner of the Canarian category who will be awarded Canarian Champion 2011 and to 2nd and 3rd placed Canarios; to the winner and 2nd and 3rd places in the International category and to team/club, sport and female categories.

At registry pilots must provide:

  • Sporting License.
  • FAI sporting license
  • At least 1 GPS, 3D GPS recommended for flight verification (also recommended a backup GPS) for registration.
  • Pilot, team leader (if any) and driver mobile telephone numbers. Any other contact numbers available
  • Receipt for payment of entry fees

Closing date for registration is 18.00 on the 3rd December 2011.

Entries and pilot briefings will be held at Sands Beach Resort on December 3rd at 14.00 and 15.00 respectively.